It’s really nice to start this journey together with more knowledge, better tools and motivation to help you have a healthier and happier life.

It’s been almost 9 years since I started the process of transforming my life, and although you may know a little bit about me on social media; I want you to understand what I’m doing and how I can change your life.

All my life I’ve had problems with weight, even getting to have grade 2 obesity problems; which led me to be singled out, mocked and beyond that of suffering from mood swings, illnesses and even fainting. In addition to wanting to improve many things in me, my great longing was to be able to feel fully healthy. And after going through many failed diets, all kinds of exercises, I never managed to feel satisfied with myself; so I decided to start a new challenge.

“My great longing was to be able to feel fully healthy”


Studying 3rd trimester as Ing. Industrial, I began to hear the cries of my body,how bad I felt both physically and spiritually; so I took a stop and started to gain knowledge of how I could turn my lifearound. The main focus of my transformation was food and consequently my body began to respond to the workouts that Gradually adapted to my pace of life by then. This filled me with a lot of passion for the well-being that generated me all this new routine, and after a time of effort, sacrifice, perseverance and dedication I managed to lose almost 30 KILOS!..

In the search for the best version of me, I decided to prepare and study simultaneously with my professional career, I obtained different certifications of Personal Trainer, TRX, RIP Trainer, Zumba, Spinning and Functional Conditioning in my native Venezuela and in the United States. Then I decided to move to Dusseldorf – Germany where I managed to get a Stretchingcertification, and then to London where I obtained the Jumping Fitnesscertification.

My passion was training, but I began to lean towards knowing about food and exercise, so I graduated from the University of Rioja in Spain as a University Expert in Sports Nutrition.

There is no luck in life, but opportunities, and it’s up to you whether you take it or leave it. I have decided to be an instrument for your positive change, I offer to change your life and be happier. Now at my age, my biggest challenge IS YOU, in that you achieve what you so desire, help you and motivate you to believe in yourself.

“Everything is possible by doing so with perseverance, dedication, responsibility, and love. so GET ANGRY!”

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